The Chilliwack airport is 130 acres with 1,219 metres (3,990ft.) paved and lit runway that includes a parallel taxiway.

Approximately 70% of the estimated 60,000 annual air traffic movements are itinerant traffic that consists of both pilot training and recreational flights from all around BC and south of the border.


  • Facility accommodationfor 75 private and commercial aircraft, including fixed wing and helicopters.
  • Terminal building – designed to accommodate aircraft to a maximum seating capacity of 19 passengers.
  • Fueling station – available 24 hours and offers competitively priced:
    • 100LL Avgas, small aircraft
    • Jet A, turbine and jet engine and helicopter

      Chilliwack Airport is well known to B.C. aviators as one of the most attractive airports in the province.

  • 20 businesses
    • Flight training
    • Charter companies – fixed wing and helicopter
    • Aircraft maintenance and painting
    • Airport Coffee Shop, famous for their pies
    • Various other aviation orientated business

Chilliwack Flight Fest

Each year, in August, the airport hosts the Chilliwack Flight Fest - a free Airshow with top name performers. The fun takes off in the morning with a pancake breakfast, followed by a full day of flying and ground activities, fun for the whole family.

 Events at Airport
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Chilliwack RCMP Open House May 29, 2017 - May 29, 2017
Location: RCMP Detachment - 45924 Airport Road
Contact: 604-792-4611

Lots of booths and vehicles set up. ERT's armored vehicle, Roll-Over simulator, ICBC's Fatal Vision goggles, Crime Prevention, Block Watch, Agri-Watch, Crimefree Multihousing, Speed Watch, Restorative Justice, FIS, PDS Recruiting, Crimestoppers, Cops for Cancer and Safer Cities.

Light refreshments will be served.

Tell your friends and bring your families! There will be lots for the kids to do and see. Bring your bicycles and have them registered with 529 Garage anti-bike theft registration program.

May 29, 2017 from 3 pm to 7 pm.