Animal Control

The Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) is now managing all Animal Control enforcement, which includes dog licensing in the City of Chilliwack, loose animals, and dangerous animals.

All dogs in our community are required to be licensed. New licences are available at the FVRD and may be purchased at their office.  Any animal control issues should be reported to the FVRD as well.

Animal Control 1-844-495-2273

Fraser Valley Regional District
45950 Cheam Avenue
Phone:  604.702.5000

Bylaw Information Guide

  • Every real property is limited to five (5) household pets (except for licensed kennels), with a maximum of three (3) dogs or three (3) cats.
  • Livestock or poultry cannot be kept in residential areas.
  • A dog is not allowed to run at large under any circumstances and must be on a leash when off the owner's property.
  • It is unlawful for a dog owner to allow the dog to bark or howl to the annoyance of neighbours or the public.
  • An Animal Control Officer may seize and impound any unlicensed dog at any time and may seize and impound any licensed dog found to be in contravention of the Animal Control and Licence Bylaw.
  • It is an offence for a dog owner to allow the dog to defecate in a public place and discourteous to neighbours to permit the dog to defecate on private property. A dog owner must clean up after the dog.
  • Where a dog has killed or injured any person or animal, or without provocation aggressively pursued or harassed any person or animal, an Animal Control Officer may deem the dog "dangerous" or seize the dog in cases of imminent threat to public safety. A "dangerous dog" must be:
    • securely confined when on the owner's premises, and
    • effectively muzzled, leashed, and under the care and control of a person competent to control the dog when off the owner's premises.
  • The owner of a dog in heat is required, at all times while the dog is in heat, to keep it securely confined within a building or other suitable enclosure capable of preventing the escape of the dog and the entry of other dogs.
  • A dog may be adopted from Animal Control. The adoption fee is $200 plus any applicable licence fee.
  • Should your dog become lost, contact Animal Control. Your dog may have been impounded.
  • The SPCA is not associated with Animal Control or the City of Chilliwack.

Animal Control 1-844-495-2273

NOTE: This information guide is provided as a general reference only.